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Solutions range from water ambulances to field hospitals
Dutch Health designs, manufactures and integrates specialized
solutions fitting functional requirements in more than 95 countries around the world.

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What do we stand for

Dutch Health represents a large range of clients, who are internationally recognized as being blue-chip companies and leaders in the medical fraternity. We have become leaders in technology with a proven track record of success in the diagnosing and treating of patients. It is our company’s philosophy to make sure that the customer gets the very best service, both in technical and application training, using the team of product specialists that we employ.

Dutch Health is excited to go forward by utilizing the strengths of our products and people. We believe that it is this combination that constitutes a successful company. We, The management of Dutch Health, dedicate our resources and products to you. Our vision is to make sure that everyone at Dutch Health meets all your expectations in fulfilling your needs as the end-user. We put this effort onto the betterment of the patient, who ultimately is the one who is of concern to all of us.

Special in every way

The aim of Dutch Health is to realize the impossible. We are committed with endurance to finalize any given task. We never give up, not even in extremely difficult circumstances, which makes us a unique player in the international environment.

Looking back over the past 25-years, we would like to pay tribute to and thank customers, principals and staff, who have contributed to the success story of Dutch Health. It has been an exciting road of ups and downs, competing against all odds, especially against large International corporate conglomerates with unlimited budgets at their disposal.

Our broad diverse range of suppliers & equipment makes us a unique company within the market, specializing in a lot of areas, as shown by the ranges we cover. Our most important value is our flexibility to supply and equip medical infrastructure all around the world.


Road Ambulances & Mobile Clinics


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Tricycle Ambulance

Ambulance Boat Venezuela 2014

Ambulance & SAR Boats




Philipines - Emergency Container Concept

Project Development

Kosovo Installation Medical Equipment

Training, Warranty and Maintenance

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